Monday, January 16, 2017


No, I am not a weight loss Guru, nor am I particularly educated on the subject. 
However, when in my late forties, after my weight loss, and study on the science for a couple of years, I was standing naked in the locker room of my gym, when the director walked in on me as I dried off.  He looked me up and down for a moment as I stood there, and said," look at that flat belly!"
Flattery works wonders! Within ten minutes, I had agreed to be on call for local residents who had had heart problems who wished to lose weight and gain strength through weight training. 
He had been secretly observing my activities as I lost weight and was evidently pleased with my methods.  I continued with that position for about a year. 
At that time, I was modeling for drawing groups and local college art programs and I was anxious to remain in marketable condition as long as I was there.
My waist had dropped to 28 inches, while my chest was about 48, and this was a joy to draw, or so I was told.
How I wish I had a local pool so that I could get to that shape again.  The place where I live now has no such facilities, and the mountain lakes that are near by are just too cold.  The only real advantage here is my Mediterranean diet, which is easy to maintain no matter where I live, but very easy here.


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