Monday, January 16, 2017

Ashamed II

I said I was ashamed.  Well, it is not productive in life to be ashamed of your build.  What I am ashamed of is that I know I have the ability to make changes that will help my physical state and health, and I did not do it. 
We are all hampered by heredity, just as some very few are aided by it.  Your parents and grandparents have a lot to do with your shape, and with your ability to alter it. 
So too does the diet that is prevalent in your family, either a help or hinder. 
My cousin's husband grew up in Oklahoma, raised on beans, cornbread and pan fried potatoes(which absolutely was not done in olive oil!).  On the surface, it has all that is necessary for basic nutrition, but woe betide he who eats that kind of diet as he ages and as his level of activity drops.

Caution wide load!

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