Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fat Family

There are some people who will never be Barbie or Ken, no matter what they do. Spend 6 months on lemon water and they will always be heavy.
Some people come from families that tend toward weight.  Grandma was a walking barrel, Mom was a walking barrel and I am a walking barrel.
Just like blond hair or big ears, you are at least partially victims of  heredity.
You can fight these gifts though.  Dieting will get rid of some weight, but it may require more aggressive dieting than someone who does not have the propensity.  However there is another part to this gift from your ancestors.  We all get food habits in our upbringing.  Ethnic foods will vary in their ability to put fat on you, the family loves bread in any form, sausage, pepperoni and salami is the norm at meals, we love cheese.  This is harder to fix because you think it is so normal to eat that way.
You have to set up a normal diet, and reserve the family specialties for Sunday cheat days.
The big thing about this whole issue is that you cannot feel bad about yourself because of it.  These are issues that you have no real control over so it is just up to you to plug along fixing the diet choices and working on the best form that your heredity allows you.  Self blame does nothing to help you in your quest.

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